2 comments on “I’m Sorry

  1. That is one thing I try to do as much as possible with my kids: say I’m sorry and acknowledge that I made a mistake. My mom never said sorry ever either and it brings me joy to hear my son say, “I know you still love me when I make a mistake.”

    • I definitely try to do the same with my daughter. I make sure I tell her that I’m sorry when I know I’ve made a mistake. I also try to make sure that she uses “I’m sorry” appropriately, too. Truthfully she says “I’m sorry” way to often in my opinion, which really makes me think that she’s under very heavy scrutiny at her mother’s house. I try to teach her that she should only say it when she knows she did something wrong, and not just because someone is upset with her. it’s a finer point that can be difficult for children to understand.

      That’s truly wonderful that your son realizes that he doesn’t have to be perfect and that you love him for who he is. Excellent!

      Stephen Bach

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