4 comments on “Garden of Hades

    • Thank you Tela! It’s been an arduous journey, but I’ve made a ton of progress so far and really am learning to leave it all behind and enjoy who I am and the blessings I have.

  1. Recently discovered your blog just googling due to my own NPD fam.

    Dad’s a softer NPD than most and Mom’s a sweet/wussie codependent.

    Originally I had the impression your Dad was a codependent, but he seems like a beta narcissist to your mother’s alpha.

    Which sucks.

    I’ll comment more later. Keep doing your good mental work.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Sorry to hear that you grew up with an NPD family as well. It’s never fun.

    Your beta narcissist comment is interesting. Although I do see some narcissistic traits with my father, he and my mother almost never fought. I can count on one hand the number of times that I remember them having any sort of disagreement. I would think if they were both N’s there would be more signs of unrest and that when that unrest occurred, the kids would have been recruited to pick sides in any disagreement. It’s possible that he was more of a closet N and always deferred to my mother, but I think he was more completely smitten with her and she could do no wrong in his eyes. He definitely was in denial about much of her behavior. I remember my mother being quite intoxicated on several occasions and my father vehemently denying she was drunk, even though everyone in the room knew she was.

    That being said, they both were masters at projecting all family issues onto me. This would mean that any issue that would arise between them would immediately become my problem, which quite possibly kept them from having to confront each other.

    Curious to hear more of your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

    Stephen Bach

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