2 comments on “White Sofa

  1. Stephen I am sorry that she only wanted to sell you her sofa and I bet if a friend of hers wanted to buy it she would have sold it for less than she expected you to pay for it. I always found that if I wanted something that NM had, she would end up giving it to one of my siblings just so that I couldn’t have it. She had a lovely ring that I asked for when I was 12, meaning one day in the future or in her will. Instead she gave it to my brother so he could sell it because he needed some money. Had I known I would have gladly given him more than the pittance he sold it for, but I wasn’t told about it, She did have a couple of valuable items but gave them to my sisters and told them not to let me know.

    • I’m sorry to hear about the ring. That had to hard. It is truly impressive how a narcissist will go to extremes to prove that they still have control. Anything they can do to prove that they have power over you will be utilized. This, in my opinion, is why no contact is a very valuable tool. When you don’t give them information, they have nothing to use against you. If your mother didn’t know you wanted the ring, she might have acted differently.

      Your comment made me have a realization: My mother had nothing to GAIN by giving me the furniture. To her, the $700 was more valuable than helping her son in a time of need. I agree, she may have readily given the furniture away to impress someone where she could gain attention. In her mind, my divorce was all my fault because I married the wrong woman and things had just run their due course. I didn’t merit any compassion.

      Stephen Bach

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