9 comments on “A Special Connection

    • Happy new year to you, too, Paola!

      You’re right, it is all worth it. My biggest goal when leaving my daughter’s mother was to get whole again so that I could be the father that I wanted to be to my daughter. I wanted her to know the real me and I wanted us to share a special bond that only a father and daughter can share. It’s wonderful to know that my goals are being achieved 🙂


  1. Great post. It’s so wonderful to know that your own kid is loved and feels it, and that she will never suffer the same abuse that you had to endure.

    • Hi Clint!

      Yes, it truly means so much to me that we have such a great connection and that I am able to provide something that resembles a normal upbringing for her. It’s been my goal to break the cycle of abuse in my family, and I definitely feel like I am succeeding with my daughter.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Clint, and best wishes on your healing journey!


  2. Such a gift. I have two daughters ages 9 and 11. They are amazing wonderful little creatures and when they show me they love me, or want to connect with me it’s the best feeling in the world! So happy for your little blessing!

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