Below are some links that have helped me extensively on my healing journey.  I hope you may find them useful, too.

Swan Waters – an excellent support forum and resource for those who are healing from abuse.  I am the moderator of the Swan Sons group on Swan Waters.

Light’s House – an great resource for adult children of toxic parents

Sweet Violet’s Blog on life with a malignant narcissist mother

Out of the FOG (Fear / Obligation / Guilt) – a great resource with excellent descriptions of the characteristics of abusers

What Makes Narcissist’s Tick (Free eBook) by Kathy Krajco

Get your Angries Out! – Lynne Namka’s page.  Excellent information on narcissistic families and understanding the dynamics of dealing with a toxic people.

Alice Miller’s Site

Kathy Krajco’s Blog

Words from the Daughter of a Narcissist


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